June 30, 2010 at 11:28 am (Uncategorized)

I felt the urge to do something with alliteration today, and thus have composed a short piece. Some lines are better than others, certainly, but it might be a base from which to create something. It doesn’t flow particularly in its current iteration, but perhaps someday I might come back to it, inspired to take a line or two and run with it from that point.

The misanthropic misadventures of a miser merely minding moonbeams,

Eschewing eternal elation for ephemeral ego enhancing entities.

Dark dreams dripping down a dim descending dormitory,

As aimless avatars ache for adamant answers.

Silver sirens search in silky silence,

While wisps waft windingly by wooden weeping willows.

Frost forms faint frames over a fading forest,

Though timeless tunes tinkle, teasing those that take tea.

Lonely lovers linger, languishing and longing,

Cooking carrots carelessly, caressing cold canvass.

Gilded grandeur gradually glides gracefully from glory,

Past poets pantomiming principle,

But barely bothering to believe in boundless brightness.

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