July 21, 2010 at 2:09 pm (Uncategorized)


I’m officially 20. Don’t feel particularly different, but i did cook up a sweet pasta recipe my mother sent me. Which I haven’t done at my apartment before. So perhaps that can be my grand transition. Today is shaping up nicely, though. Meeting this morning at 8, like every Wednesday, but the early start time is offset by the fact that it’s in Sister’s Brew. A little coffee and I’m ready to face the day. I kind of unabashedly took the day off soon after our morning meeting; David and Nancy are out of town and frankly outside of a few emails and things that needed doing, most of my stuff can wait until tomorrow. It’s been relaxing. Watched an episode of Monster Fish on the National Geographic Channel, and been doing some reading. Soon off to do a little bowling, followed by some volleyball, and then some singing with some of the PMA guys in Moscow.

In an effort to be more optimistic about this day,  I have decided to make a list.

TOP 5 Things About Being 20

1. I actually get to feel like an adult. For the past while when people ask my age, I would say something like “I turn 20 in 2 months.” 19 is a much easier answer, but I always felt it didn’t represent my actual age. They say age is just a number, and that’s true.I always prefer to not tell people how old I am, because they generally just assume I’m older. I still have kind of a baby face, but it seems like people treat you with a little more respect if they think you’re a little older. If my age doesn’t factor into other people’s first impressions, that’s fine with me.

2. Only one year away from being able to drink. I don’t plan on drinking all the time, but it feels like you’ve “arrived” as a person when you can sit down and order an “adult beverage.” I know when I was in Europe I never felt the urge to get out of control, but I did feel much older. It’s kind of silly, and doesn’t really matter, but it’s nice.

3. This whole list thing is harder than i originally anticipated. I really only had reason number one, and reason number two is more of a stretch. Must…remain…optimistic. Ok, here we go. 20 looks cooler than 19. Definitely. Let’s roll with that.

4. All my friends are going to start getting married. Some of them are planning on doing it (and had plans before I became 20) but now that I’m 20 it’s actually going to happen. Other people will fall in love and do it even if they don’t know it quite yet. I guess it’s just the age. I can’t decide whether it’s a good thing or not. I’m incredibly happy for these people and I want them to lead the lives of love and togetherness they deserve, but on the other hand I feel way too young still. How can they be ready? Maybe they’re just more mature than I am. I mean, I did just turn 20.

5. All right, last one. Thank goodness. Fortunately, these are just the top 5 things about being 20. Not like the best 5 things I could possibly have written, but the top 5. Which means top 5 things that came into my head? Sure, that works. I guess the last one would be that now that I’m 20, I’ll be graduating from college. This spring I’m scheduled to finish my undergraduate degree. A very weird thing to think about. In fact, that definitely is not a “best” thing about being 20. I’m going to miss this university, this town, and this people. Have to make the most of the next year and hope that perhaps in the spring I won’t be able to get the classes I need for some reason.

What a terrible post. Next stop is going to be making better lists. Look for that in future postings.

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