Running into a brick wall

April 1, 2011 at 2:43 pm (Uncategorized)

Sitting here listening to Ingrid Michaelson, not going to the class I’m supposed to be in.

Today hasn’t been a particularly good day. Shot a bit more for Lane’s film, which was fine, ended up practically running to my Vandal Friday presentation (it ended up being all right) and then running around trying to get my whole “oops we screwed up and you don’t actually have enough credits to graduate” situation figured out. The political science department has been fantastic, but there have just been a lot of miscues. I had a headache and decided to come back to my apartment instead of going to JCA’s class. Not that John isn’t interesting, but I just needed a little more down time to sit around instead of talking about the Bible.

I told myself I was going to start writing more, but I find it difficult to form coherent sentences. My mind is flying all over the place, and mostly I’m just uncertain about what life will bring. I’m optimistic that things will turn out well, but at the moment…it’s just hard to say.

One day you will know/we’re men of snow/we melt one day.

If we were once in the winter of our discontent, perhaps we’re moving into a new spring. Certainly the weather seems to be improving, though that is often an hourly variable. I’m hopeful the sun may stay for a while.

Doing some Habitat for Humanity work in Lewiston tomorrow and quite looking forward to it. I never feel quite so good as when I’m helping other people, and several of the folks from my ASB trip are going to be there, so it’ll be nice to hang out with them.

I am not a good writer in this moment. Perhaps inspiration will strike someday.

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