This doesn’t deserve a title

September 6, 2011 at 3:47 am (Uncategorized)

I just had the weirdest feeling when I looked at the clock at it said 3:18, and I thought to myself, “ok not too bad.” And for 3:18 to seem normal at all as a time to be up and about and doing things, well that’s just odd. I’m also not exactly sure how to articulate how normal it seems and the oddness that accompanies the normalcy. You would think they’d cancel one another out, but they coexist peacefully in my mind. Perhaps staying up all night is slowly driving me crazy. I mean, I’m applying for other jobs, but so far nothing is biting. This beats the hell out of food service, but I’d be willing to do a lot of other things if it meant I got a little normalcy in my schedule. Anyway…

I never really resolved anything in my last post, and I don’t think I have much resolution about 9/11 in my own mind. Maybe it’s something I’ll be able to come back to.

Trying to figure out what to sing for my audition for the 24 hour theatre festival on Friday…not sure whether I should go the musical theatre route or something else. I only get a minute, it’s a cappella, I’ll probably make a decision an hour before it needs to be made. Well, more practically, probably Thursday night. Still.

If you’re out in the world and looking for something interesting to listen to, I recommend checking out Emma Burgess’ cover of Your Love. It’s a little haunting and mostly excellent. I love the original, but this is great in a non 80s-tastic way. I actually didn’t even know who sang it originally, but a little research revealed it to be a band called The Outfield. They didn’t have any other hits I recognized, but I wonder if their first album (Play Deep, I think) might not be sneaky good since it got a top 10 on the charts and could potentially be solid without any other hits. It could also be that since you couldn’t just download a single in the 80s Your Love jacked up purchases of the album. I don’t care enough or have the money to splurge on the album to find out.

Also trying to write a fantasia (for those of you who are not aware, my music fraternity Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia write and direct our own pantless musical every spring), and I have a lot of ideas that I think are good, but right now are just incredibly jumbled. Trying to figure out how to put it all down in writing. Soon enough, hopefully, since it needs to at least be in a beta stage by Sunday.

New computer gets here tomorrow! I’m quite excited to have one in working condition. Also one that I don’t have to hook up a monitor to it to use will be pleasant. The one I have currently is definitely a bit out of commission.

Does this post feel as asinine to you as it does to me? I’m not really talking about anything interesting at all.

10 Excellent Musicals, in no particular order 

  • Last Five Years
  • Les Miserables
  • Children of Eden
  • West Side Story
  • Avenue Q
  • Spamalot
  • Book of Mormon
  • The Music Man
  • Wicked
  • My Fair Lady

I just want to use your love tonight/ I don’t want to lose your love tonight…

Nothing to write about, but still writing? Better than not writing at all? I’m not convinced…

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