September 10, 2011 at 1:24 am (Uncategorized)

I feel excited. I feel energetic. I feel creative. I feel good. I apparently feel like writing choppy sentences instead of using the commas that god and/or the english language provided us with. I haven’t felt like this for a while. It’s that feeling you get inside you that lets you that musicals aren’t really that unrealistic, you have the urge to sing, to let out all of the energy that is expanding in your soul. It’s like when you’re a little kid and you just start running because you CAN run, and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks or whether it’s an appropriate time to be running, you just do it.

I auditioned today (yesterday now, but we’ll get to that in a moment) for the 24 Hour Theatre Festival. It’s exactly as it sounds, 24 hours of theatre. People audition at 8, are cast, writers write through the night, on Saturday we rehearse and then at 8pm that night, we perform our shows for the world. For me, this will be a different kind of challenge. As some of you know, I work the 11-7 (yes, pm-am) shift at the Idaho Inn. The work is dull, and I alternate between being tolerably bored and absolutely hating my job with a fiery passion. When I find something better, then I’m going to leap forth and grab it. Until then, at least it’s not food service!

Anyway, that means that I will be up for 40 straight hours counting the fact that I woke up today at 4pm. I get off work at 7, start the acting/singing/dancing at 8, then go all day (with an hour for lunch…maybe I’ll get to nap but frankly that seems dangerous), perform at 8, work again at 11 (again it’s the thing where if you fall asleep you’re not getting back up again). Then it’s 3 hours of sleep and I’m rolling myself out of bed for mass.

“Jordan,” you say, “just sleep! Jesus will understand!”

I know he would (he seems like a rather understanding fellow for the most part) BUT I have to worry about the streak. More regular readers of this blog (all 3-5 of you) will take note that this Sunday will be 13 masses in a row. I don’t know how or when the streak will end, but it’s going to need to be something fairly immense to keep me away. It started because I didn’t want Kristin to have to sit alone at church, now it’s a challenge. I like it too, the cadence and rhythms are nice, and I get to sing. Also Father Vogel is a champ. If the priest were dull it would make it difficult for me.

Anyway, so sleeping is not in the cards for the next couple days. I don’t really care because I don’t exactly need to be at peak performance here (note: I’m writing this blog RIGHT NOW). My task for the evening is to put together TV cables…not exactly rocket science. I just discovered the computer they have me saddled with now is not capable of playing netflix (and I can’t install silverlight without being an administrator), HOWEVER, I just figured out that I can actually play movies on my iPhone via netflix, not just screw around with the queue. Thus, later this evening I will be watching a movie I have neglected for far too long: Princess and the Frog. I just watched Tangled the other night and it was really good. Kids movies are nice because when well done they allow you to:

a) feel like a kid again.

b) become invested in a simple story without having to think about it too much.

c) you pretty much know you’re going to get some kind of resolution.

Caveat to point c…I actually usually love movies that keep you wondering and don’t have any kind of firm resolution, but sometimes what you want is a happy ending. And I’m never disappointed in a happy ending unless it’s a cop out that doesn’t really go with the rest of the movie.

So to conclude a long tangent, the title refers to the fact that I am 9 of 40 hours into my little adventure/challenge/whatever you want to call it.

(Another tangent!: If you ever are bored between the hours of 11pm-7am in the greater Moscow/Pullman area, you’re more than free to come visit me at the hotel at night. We have free wifi, so I can’t think of a better place to pull an all-nighter)

In other exciting news you may or may not care about at all, Camas High School placed an utter smack down upon Mt. View, winning 31-0 behind 3 TD’s from WR Jonathan Warner, who my dad used to coach and who is incidentally Curt Warner’s son (the NFL running back, not the QB). They are now 2-0.

Anyway, back to the theatre-ness, because I think this is interesting. You can decide for yourself; I’m not forcing you to read my blog. I was not excited to audition. I was waffling on whether or not I even wanted to be cast. I thought, “If I don’t get cast, I can at least go to the football game tomorrow. So either way, I win.” But I wasn’t convinced that getting cast would actually be winning, in fact, upon hearing that I had been cast (after an audition I thought was mediocre at best…not terrible but I felt ¬†lifeless) my heart dropped a bit. And then I started thinking about it. I started thinking about all the shows I’ve done and how much I love to sing and act and how it gives you a rush like no other and how my life has been sitting in the doldrums for the past few weeks…working nights, sleeping days, not ever seeing Kristin, feeling like I was the bad guy in so many people’s stories and generally feeling sorry for myself (sorry again, 3-5 regulars! You would be the only ones who read all those self pitying, generally poorly written posts…not that this is well written, but it’s at least positive). And I just got this burst of energy, I feel like myself again. Maybe it’s only tonight, maybe it will only last as long as this theatre festival or maybe it’s something that will linger for a bit. I can’t control that. But for this moment in time I feel like I have a bit of direction, if only a tiny slice. This weekend has direction, I have direction, things will be OK.

I would like to say that Size 10 also has been a lifesaver for me, but it occasionally is difficult to wake up and just start singing with focus. So this is good, and I think will help my other creative ventures. Our gig at the Camas Prairie Winery went really well in August, and we have another paying gig at a sorority over Dad’s weekend. Just a little thing, but it’s always so much fun. If you’re reading this and you haven’t liked Size 10 Shoe on Facebook yet, shame on you. Shame shame shame. Also if you want some recordings of us (for free!) send me a Facebook message and I’ll add you to our dropbox so that you can snag it. It’s not very high quality (who am I kidding, it’s pretty low quality), but you get a sense of what we’re about.

Well, I think that’s about what I have for this evening’s installment. This is actually becoming a kind of regular thing, so go me.

Working on finding more love and compassion for the world and trying to be a better person every day…taking life one moment at a time.




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