Friday Friday Friday

October 1, 2011 at 4:17 am (Uncategorized)

Everyone’s weekend is just starting, and mine is now ended. I didn’t end up getting that job I interviewed for; they decided to go with someone who had more law experience. That’s the story of most of the jobs I’ve been trying to get that actually have the potential to be something decent…”we like you, but we’re just looking for someone more experienced.” I don’t blame them necessarily, it’s just a frustrating side effect of being young. At least I have a job, and although I doubt I can work nights for the long haul I’ll at least be able to make some money. I have kind of set November 15th as my “I have to quit for mental health reasons” date. Finding another job before then would be ideal, but I’m not about to hold my breath. By that point I’ll have enough saved up to where I can look for 2 or 3 months without having to panic anyway. In a perfect world if I’m spending all my waking hours looking for a job one will turn itself up long before it comes to that.

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