Tuesday Night

October 12, 2011 at 4:14 am (Uncategorized)

I guess if you don’t like melons you would think of honeydews as more like honeydonts.

Tomorrow (Today, really. In slightly less than six hours) I start my first actual shift at Ross. Orientation on Monday was easy enough. 2 1/2 hours of movies that moved far faster than I wanted them to explaining the myriad of details that accompany working at Ross. I was thinking to myself, “I have a college degree and consider myself to be a fairly bright individual, why is this overwhelming?” Then I took a deep breath and a step back and realized that my job essentially entailed taking things out of boxes, labeling them, and putting them other places. Now where to put them and how to label them are things I’ll have to figure out certainly, but let’s be honest. It’s not going to require a lot of brainpower. I think part of my apprehension about my new job is that I was just starting to get comfortable at the hotel…the noises it makes at night, laughing about the crazy customers with my coworkers as we exchanged shifts, and where everything is and how things need to be done. It’s like anything. You are unfamiliar at first, then you become aware of what needs doing, and then it becomes second nature; a familiar jacket you can slip on and off. Since this metaphorical jacket has an awfully large number of holes in it, it was time to get a new one. But it’s sometimes hard to let go of the familiar, even when it isn’t good for you. Adding to the issue is that I’m not exactly excited to work at Ross. Working during the daytime? Yes. Love me some of that. However, it’s not as if I got a job that seems like it will cater to what I want to be doing for the rest of my life. *Shrug*

I’m probably really over-analyzing this, but that’s one of the issues that arises with too much time to sit and think and not have the freedom to really do what you want. I mean, I can wander around the property, but for the most part I’m trapped behind this desk. Things have a way of working out, so I’m not too worried. Anxiety isn’t really my style anyway. I will miss the fact that this job was pretty lax. Ross is a company with a big corporate structure and so there are all kinds of specific, occasionally asinine things you have to do with that. Working for a pair of hotels owned by one family is a different feel. Gotta get used to that new jacket. I’m sure I will.

On to bigger and better things (with this blog post).

So, I’ve been seeing quite the reaction on facebook and elsewhere to recent comments made about Mormonism, Christianity, and whether they’re like squares and rectangles or apples and oranges. By that, I mean whether or not the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is a subset of the umbrella of Christianity or whether it is a different religion altogether (I refuse to demean the church by calling it a cult…certainly there are aspects of the religion I don’t agree with, but it doesn’t exhibit cultish behavior). I personally am of the opinion that it falls under the umbrella of Christianity–I mean, if you’re all about Jesus that’s kind of where we’re at unless you want to give me an alternate definition of the faith. Would I argue that there are aspects of the church the lie fairly far outside what one might consider “mainstream christianity?” Certainly, but it’s comical to me that evangelicals and mormons don’t get along particularly well. They have a lot in common…and unfortunately much of what they have in common are traits I would consider to be negative. From their dismissal of homosexuality and their desire for a generally more conservative, homogeneous society I feel that both groups trend in the direction away from anything Jesus preached. However, I do applaud the CoJCoLDS for their commitment to helping those less fortunate. In fact, I feel that for both the LDS and Catholic faith there is great opportunity to affect large scale social change for the better–helping the poor and the homeless, and preaching a gospel of love and acceptance. If we could get them all to start practicing it I think one might see a much different and brighter America. If they continue to use their faiths to institutionalize prejudices, then we have some problems.

Maybe I’m crazy, but I think that one day people of faith will start putting more stock into the here and now and living a christ-like life, and will support social programs and the poor and my quasi-socialist utopian ideals will come to fruition. Maybe in the meantime we can all start being kinder to one another, and realize that bigotry against a particular faith is just as wrong as bigotry on the basis of race or sexual orientation. I love my friends because of their diversity.

Speaking of helping the poor, how about this whole Occupy Wall Street thing? On the surface, it’s the kind of thing I would support wholeheartedly. On most levels I do agree with the sentiment. Corporations are NOT in fact people (surprise!) and there is a lot of greed and economic inequality in this country that needs to be addressed. However, I’m not sure how the occupy wall street movement is going to change things with demonstrations and protests. Now don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a start. I’m glad that people are getting fired up and passionate about these issues that have hamstrung America over the past decade. But if you want to make a real change, you’re going to have to vote for leaders who will stand up to corporations and who will vote for reform. In the end, all this talk of revolution instead of reform is bunk. You need reform, because you CAN work within the system if you go about it the right way. America is not irrevocably broken. It’s broken, but not shattered. It’s like a toy that needs new batteries. Put in new batteries, and we’re going to be fine. If this leads to the 2012 election being a referendum on changing the culture of greed and economic gangsterism, then I’ll be pleased. If this is a bunch of whining without people willing to get their asses to the ballot box, then you can’t hold anyone responsible for THAT particular mess except yourself.

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