May 16, 2012 at 10:49 am (Uncategorized)

Summer is finally here! Hopefully. It could totally snow tomorrow, and I wouldn’t be particularly surprised. I’m trying to stay optimistic though.

Life is pretty interesting at the moment. Didn’t get the job in Indiana, though many people know that already. It’s a bummer, but I trust their judgement in picking the right person for the job. Something about doors and windows comes to mind. In any case, I’ve accepted a job doing some campaign managing here in Moscow, so I’ll be sticking around through November. I’m really looking forward to working hard and having my first real political job. Still working at Ross for a while longer, though I’ve given them a notice that I won’t be staying there indefinitely. I think it’s just going to be nice to have some extra flexibility in my schedule outside of the campaigning, and I’ll be able to travel and hike a little more. The other issue is that Ross isn’t particularly able to let me set my own hours, and if I need to be somewhere for a campaign event, I would prefer to be there. I’ll probably end up doing some odd jobs here and there to help supplement, though the extra money I’m making at Ross, while not negligible, isn’t much money.

Kristin and I broke up, which sucks. It wasn’t a bad breakup or anything, we just had different expectations about what we wanted out of this relationship and out of our lives in general. Unfortunate, but we’ll still be friends. I don’t expect it to be acrimonious. It’s just an adjustment I’m going to have to make.

Bullet point thoughts

  • I’m very happy President Obama came out for gay marriage. Equality isn’t something that should be an issue. I love the bible, it is a fantastic piece of literature (and potentially is divinely inspired), but at the end of the day the constitution is the arbiter of how we do things in America. If you can honestly tell me that you don’t eat shellfish and have never touched a menstruating female (or sat in a chair she’s sat in) then I’ll give you props for being at least intellectually consistent in your bigotry. Otherwise you’re just giving in to your own unexamined prejudices. Churches don’t have to marry homosexual couples, but marriage is also a civil institution. Life goes on.
  • Jason Mraz’s new album, Love is a Four Letter Word, is quite good.
  • Avengers-Also very good. Saw it twice.
  • I might not do any more theatre for a while, which is kind of sad to think about. Who knows what opportunities will present themselves, but at the moment the odds seem low. On a happier note, I couldn’t have been any more blessed to finish up (if this is indeed what is happening) with “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” and our 4th Annual Pantless Fantasia. So much fun, and such wonderful audiences and collaborators.

That’s it for now…maybe with summer here I’ll post more often.

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