Pizza and Coffee and Football, oh my!

December 31, 2012 at 12:37 pm (Uncategorized)

As I sit here baking a pizza and drinking my coffee (I got a somewhat later start today–but 9:30 isn’t terrible I suppose) I am “watching” a fairly to this point unwatchable Sun Bowl between your 7-5 USC Trojans and 6-7 GT Yellowjackets I decided that this was a good moment to take some time and write for a few minutes.

(Lengthy pause to eat said pizza and drink another couple cups of coffee. Game becomes *slightly* more watchable)

Let’s see…I got into two choirs with the Beati Chorum organization (I hadn’t heard of them before, either) and I’m pretty excited. Wednesday nights will again be for choir! So will Thursday nights, but I haven’t been going to choir on Thursdays for the past 4 years so it has slightly less resonance with me. Looking forward to singing more again, and I think I’ll get to sing tenor II, which should be fun. I’ve never really gotten to do that (excluding SATB arrangements–which doesn’t really count) on a consistent basis, so it will be nice. While I can sing tenor I without any problems, my tessatura is definitely tenor II. It’ll also beat the hell out of singing baritone (which had its moments, but never again if I can help it).

(Glance up, USC pick. Still don’t think they want to be in El Paso)

The new year begins tonight, which is sort of arbitrary if you think about it. I feel that logistically it would make more sense for the New Year to start on the solstice, but what do I know? It clearly isn’t going to change in any case. That we all accept the fact that a new year is beginning makes it real, which you can say about a lot of things but is especially true when you are talking about units of time.

(GT fumble. Man, the Trojan offense isn’t doing anything)

Well, I’m out of things to say for the moment, but I have a few ideas I’ve been sketching out in my mind about topics to write about. Mostly controversial, but potentially worth posting to facebook. I don’t post any of my blogs that I don’t think are worth reading (like this one) because I figure that the people that are really interested can look on their own and if I post crap all the time then people won’t want to read the things that I feel like are better representations of my writing and might be worth their time. That brings up the question of why I post things like this publicly at all–and I guess it’s because I just like putting my thoughts out into the universe. Even  Especially if no one is reading them.

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