Jan 3

January 3, 2013 at 12:12 pm (Uncategorized)

Taking a break from the monotony of job applications and cover letters to do a little writing this morning. I’m never as productive as I want to be–in theory it should take 20 minutes to write a cover letter and then I can crank them out, maybe all off of one template. For whatever reason that bothers me, though. I want to give people a real sense of who I am and how I might fit into the job, and so I end up brainstorming forever, taking a break to let it percolate, and then writing something I’m still not 100% happy with but seems sufficient in my mind. I’m not sure why I have this big hang up with cover letters, exactly, but I don’t want my application to get lost in the shuffle of things if I can help it. So I get some done every day, but never as many as I have planned. Just a matter of trucking through I suppose.

First day of choir last night, just read through all the pieces (well, most of them, anyway) that we’re doing between now and March. Everyone seems quite nice, I think I’ll enjoy it. The one different thing is that while the other 2 tenors are better at sight reading than me, they don’t seem so much better that I will *gasp* not have to practice outside of choir like I’ve been doing my entire life (mostly–I definitely looked at Jazz II stuff). Learning to do a little more preparation won’t hurt me, plus I am consistently surprised at how much I actually am capable of when I’m not using other singers as a crutch.





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