January 4, 2013 at 11:46 am (Uncategorized)

So, The West Wing is on Netflix now and I have been getting into it the past few days–excellent show. I had seen a few episodes here and there but nothing consistently. I think that’s going to keep me busy for quite a while on the watching front, especially as the football season winds down.

I just finished reading “Stranger in a Strange Land” by Robert Heinlein last night. Interesting read. It started off well and then got more and more interesting, but the ending wasn’t everything that I had hoped. It ended much like I expected it to, but the oomph I wanted just wasn’t present. Maybe that was the point. I don’t know. It’s certainly worth reading if you ever find yourself able to do so.

Well this is in my head because I’m listening to some Ben Folds this morning, and it’s probably worth giving some time to percolate in my head but I have nothing to write about, so this will be the topic today:

You know that point in the relationship where you both are starting to realize that maybe this could really work out? You’re sitting around, or maybe in the car, and for whatever reason you start discussing potential baby names. I’ve had this conversation a few times, and while I almost never give this topic any thought, Emaline is my favorite girl’s name ever, should I ever have kids (there is a Ben Folds song by the same name, for those of you who don’t get the reference). It popped back up into my head listening again today to that song for the first time in quite a while. It’s not my favorite song, probably not even top 10, but definitely would be in the top 30-50 if I had to make a definitive list. I guess what is appealing is the idea of singing a song to your kid someday that has their name in it. That’s not the only criteria for names, certainly, but it really appeals to me. It’s also different without being too different. I like my name, but Jordans are a dime a dozen.

My parents named me Jordan (and then my brother Austin, and my sister Gretchen) not only because they liked the names, but because they didn’t rhyme with anything. My mother was fond of the name Alec, but my father insisted that people would a)call me al and that b) it would invite all sorts of rhyming teasing that kids are really good at. Their logic was sound, and my name was never used in any sort of rhyme-based insult that I can recall, but at the same time people just used my last name when they wanted to come up with something clever. In any case, I appreciate a job well done while at the same not fearing for my potential offspring in the same way.

I could always change my mind about the name (and the conventions for doing so) in the next 5-10 years or however long it takes before I have kids (if I ever get married and have kids–not a given, certainly), but that will reflect the time and place I’m at in life, and while a lot of things change, some things do not either. A lot of names get crossed off the list simply because you meet people who are assholes with certain names and you couldn’t bring yourself to name a child that, or because that person is the definitive version (in your mind) of that name. Names really do have power, a lot more than I think we give them credit for. If someone is talking to you and uses your name, you tend to perk up more than you might otherwise. I know I always like it when people talk to me and use my name, and I try to say “Hello, name” or just “naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame” if they’re a close friend if I can help it. Maybe I’m weird and it’s just me that enjoys that, but at the very worst they don’t notice it and at best they like being called by name. So there you go.

I wish it was last September….


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