If they could see what I see…

January 8, 2013 at 9:37 am (Uncategorized)

Most mornings I begin my job search with a cup of coffee, a banana, and some music to listen to while I go through the tedious-ish process that is writing a thousand cover letters and browsing company/employment websites, sending emails, asking questions, etc. Some mornings I have headphones in, others not. The other day I had my headphones in and I needed to get up and deal with the lunch I was making, but I was really enjoying the song I was listening to. I decided the best course of action was to unplug my laptop and carry it around with me like the world’s most unwieldy iPod. I suppose I could have also put it on my shoulder and used it as a boombox, had I so desired.

It is interesting to have been born just prior to the digital age. People my age (born ’87-’92) are probably the very last group of individuals who will remember in any sort of detail the analog era. I have owned a Walkman, a CD player, and now an iPod, and they all came fairly quickly on top of one another. I have no issue with digital technology (it’s far easier to use and storage is much more convenient), but it strikes me as odd that my children will only have the vaguest notion of VHS. I suppose when they visit my grandparents (whose collection of Disney VHS tapes is legendary) they will understand, but for the most part they will seem like relics. Hell, they already seem like relics.

I was hearing a while back about someone a little older than me having a young child of theirs asking them why their camera phone made a clicking sound when they took a picture. If you think about it, there is absolutely no reason for it to make the sound except that it is comforting/what we’re used to. A little weird to think about.

The world is rapidly changing, and it makes for a fascinating time to live in. Part of me thinks we have reached a plateau in some ways–computers and digital devices will generally follow the same patterns for quite a while–but the thing about technological revolutions is that they tend to be a marked change. I don’t claim to be Nostradamus, but it is interesting to think about.

Another sort of random/semi interesting thing I have found in the process of writing this is that since I wrote a “best albums of 2012” list, my blog got stuck on some other website’s (admittedly massive) list of best albums list, and so I get a view a day, consistently, from a random country. Very few people actually read this (2-3 a day when I don’t post anything to facebook), and they have this function when you log in where it shows your “stats” for the day in numbers of views, what countries looked at your blog, and what website referred over to your blog. 99% of the time it’s facebook, but this other list link is good for views from super random places. At first I thought maybe it was just friends traveling/stationed abroad, but I don’t know anyone in Portugal/Australia/China right now, so that’s how I figured out about this other link. So, uh, hello total strangers! Although I suspect they generally are just looking at that album list, only to be sorely disappointed when it’s something different than what they were looking for.

Song of the day: 5/6-Jason Mraz

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