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January 14, 2013 at 2:10 pm (Uncategorized)

It was snowing this morning in Camas. I use the term “snowing” loosely, it was more like a slow, powdery rain. After living in a place that actually gets snow for the past several years one realizes the difference. I used to get really excited about something like this. Always interesting the way your perception changes over time.

I think in the mornings I just need a hot beverage–I normally drink coffee, but I don’t know I’m looking for the caffeine so much as I am looking for a few moments to relax and let myself warm up to the world. Hot chocolate would probably work just as well. Maybe I should start thinking about tea–it’s almost certainly better for me. I doubt any change will be made, though. I love my coffee.

I went out to lunch with my mother and took her to the airport for a business trip today. Talking with her I discovered that there is about as much of a difference traveling in coach or first class internationally as you could possibly imagine. She was able to text me a picture of her glass of champagne since they poured it even before they took off.

There was an awards show last night(oscars? golden globes? I don’t really care much one way or another about them), and it doesn’t matter to me much one way or another except that I heard Les Miserables won best comedy/musical (an odd pairing if you ask me, but you didn’t). I thought about writing a post about Les Mis a while ago, but decided against it. Suffice to say this: The movie was good, but not as good as I hoped it would be. The in your face style either works for you or it doesn’t, and whoever cast Russel Crowe clearly did so without an audition. I feel bad for him, honestly. He can act, and his singing voice isn’t great but he CAN sing. He simply cannot act and sing at the same time, and it killed any of the emotionality present in his scenes (which are pivotal and when done correctly heart wrenching). I didn’t think it deserved as much praise as it got, but it was a pretty good movie. Not award winning. Anne Hathaway as supporting actress I could believe. So so so so so so so glad Skyfall won best original song–it was a thousand times better. People don’t want to hear that when you talk about Les Miserables–it holds a place very near and dear to my heart, and it always will. I just think people went overboard about it. My two cents.


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  1. Danny said,

    I can understand your feelings toward the Les Mis movie, but I decided to overlook some of them. Concerning the Crowe: I was not extremely pleased with his performance, but I could allow myself to believe that his stiffness in his vocal stylings is really a character reflection of Javert. I know it isn’t, but it makes the movie better if you see it that way. And yes, ‘Suddenly’ was pretty mediocre, especially compared to the other tunes in the show.

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