Any Day Now

January 17, 2013 at 10:31 pm (Uncategorized)

Yesterday was the first day since the new year that I haven’t published a post. In my defense I did write a little bit, but it was a) fairly terrible and b) only like a paragraph so I will save that fraction of a thought and perhaps incorporate it into a later blog post.

I just want to say without getting into a rant about it (because it makes me furious) if you post about the Sandy Hook Massacre being a hoax you are a terrible human being and lend credence to people who are harassing innocent children, hurting families, and heroic community members.

My train of thought has been completely derailed by the prospect of coming back to Moscow (briefly, very briefly) so I’ll just say I’m excited about that. I am also excited about a job interview I have scheduled for a week from today. Progress! In some small ways at least.

I think I write better in the mornings, cup of coffee in hand and brain warming up to experience a new day. So this will be all for now.


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