Another Morning

April 1, 2013 at 7:53 am (Uncategorized)

Listening to some Justin TImberlake and making some coffee…man, that guy has had a good year, hasn’t he? I may try to blog a little this afternoon/evening after work, but some assorted thoughts from this pleasant and overcast Monday morning:

  • Friends are the best.
  • Hugs are also solid things.
  • I have come back around to being the morning person I was when I was younger. I can’t decide if I like it–I think so?
  • We spend too much time looking out for ourselves and not enough time just being nice. It’s so much easier than being a jerk!
  • ……but it does require practice and mindfulness.
  • The price of love is loss/But still we pay… -Next to Normal
  • Go Vandals
  • I got some new luggage–metaphorically, anyway.
  • If you are trying to think of where to go, probably wherever I am is best.


I will try to be better–have to figure out the balance between work and blogging!


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