April 9, 2013 at 9:32 pm (Uncategorized)

I don’t write about work very often, because it’s not particularly exciting to write about and also because a decent enough portion of my job is probably better just kept there. With that being said, I’m going to write a little bit about work.

Today I was asked if I had much experience with PowerPoint. I just looked at them and thought about that scene in “The Dark Knight Rises” where Batman and Bane fight in the sewers. The scene for those who don’t know: “[After Batman has killed the lights] Oh, you think darkness is your ally, but you merely adopted the dark. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn’t see the light until I was already a man. By then, it was nothing to me but blinding! [Batman attacks Bane but is easily overcome] The shadows betray you, because they belong to me!”

Replace the dark with PowerPoint and that was my reaction. I’ve been using PowerPoint since I learned how to use computers. In fact, I am fairly certain there is a large segment of people in my age bracket who are incapable of doing anything on a computer other than Word documents and PowerPoint slides.

I also discovered today that someone I went to high school with works at city hall. He’s not someone I ever particularly cared for, and he was one of those people I had more or less forgotten existed. I wasn’t sure if I was him, in fact, when I saw him, but he turned around and said hey and we made small talk for a bit. He thought I was named Andrew, which is somewhat funny because I totally saw an Andrew that I went to high school with at PDX a couple weeks ago. I was glad to see him, though–he always struck me as a good guy. This individual, by contrast, was probably confused because that Andrew and I both had glasses (if that’s who he was thinking of like I thought).

So yes, it’s a small world. In any case, as we were making small talk and asking about what the other had been up to the previous 5 years there were some comments made about how I had become a paper pusher, and he (who worked in tv for the city) was somehow better for doing a more “artistic” job. I was definitely put off by it–listen, I don’t care what people do and if you’re pursuing film, theatre, music, whatever, I commend you. However, I definitely don’t enjoy people making snide remarks about my career choices. I guess the point of this story is that if you want to make high school acquaintances immediately dislike you, insinuate that you’re better than them. I immediately remembered why I didn’t care for this person before. Fortunately I don’t think I’ll see him around much.

On a happier note, as part of my job I get a firsthand look at all the really awesome events that are happening in Vancouver. I had no idea before starting that there are 4 or 5 beerfests this summer, a pair of winefests, and several opportunities with large selections of microbrews on top of that. I’m not a beer geek by any measure, but I do like to enjoy a quality beer now and then, and there are MANY opportunities to do that in Vancouver.

So when Michael, Sara, Avery, and I are all living together (which I am unreasonably excited for) this next year I’ll drag them to a whole bunch of events. It’s going to be a party.

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