May Day

May 1, 2013 at 9:48 pm (Uncategorized)

Yesterday was a pretty blah day. Mostly in a terrible mood until choir redeemed it in the evening. Today, in contrast, was pretty great all day–a trend which continued up through choir and leaves me sitting here feeling good and actually perhaps writing for the first time in a bit. In terms of what actually happened on either day there were far more similarities than differences, so why was my mood so different?

Honestly, I have no idea. I guess a lot of the time we decide a day is going to go one way and it conforms to our expectations.

So a few days ago I was driving home from work and saw a sticker on someone’s car that said: “support our troops.” Now you may think that I put that phrase in quotations because I am, well, quoting what the sticker said. You would be wrong. I guess I could more accurately say the bumper sticker read “‘Support Our Troops.'”

I mean to say that it was in quotation marks on the sticker. Which makes me think of this:

In any case, this phrase is on a sticker that is fairly difficult to get off of one’s car, and makes me believe that the person driving it, while patriotic, is stupid. Either that or they go around sarcastically saying we should support the troops–though that possibility seems unlikely.

Proper spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc. is sexy my friends. I’m not saying that you won’t make mistakes. I do all the time. If you’re going to put a sticker on your car, get a tattoo, or do something that will be seen by multiple people just make sure to double check things.


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