October 7, 2013 at 10:52 pm (Uncategorized)

Sometimes life goes your way. I’ve started doing a little bit of sports betting, and I won $100 on MNF. That was pretty cool. Sometimes, life doesn’t go your way. My fantasy football team absolutely did not show up this week, and I got demolished. The Seahawks lost, and so did the Vandals. Sometimes it helps to put things in perspective. Football is my escape from reality, a hobby. I love it, but I try not to be ruled by it. It controls my emotions to a larger degree than I enjoy, but give me an hour or so and I’m back to normal. I just enjoy having an outlet for my emotions. It’s silly at times but I think we as people need those kinds of things. There are worse vices. 

I feel like some poetry tonight, in a rhyming mood. Sorry, it will undoubtedly be semi terrible. 

I sit here at night,

at a small wooden table,

and mostly waste time,

but think when I’m able.


I dream of the future,

and read of today,

do plenty of work,

and also some play.

Ok I lied, total failure today. I’ll be a little more inspired tomorrow. I can feel it. 


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