Happy Holidays?

November 19, 2013 at 6:35 pm (Uncategorized)

I finally gave in today and started listening to Christmas music. There’s just slightly over a month until the day, so I don’t feel TOO bad about it, especially when you consider how late Thanksgiving is this year. Of course, basically all I listen to (Christmas-wise) is Sufjan Stevens with a little Straight No Chaser thrown in, so I may get bored of it after 5 weeks. 

Speaking of the holidays, I have some weird ones coming up. I’m sure that those of you with divorced parents (or if you’re married, I guess, but that’s somewhat different) can speak to this, but there are going to be more options now for the holidays than there were before. I’m sure it’ll just involve a little more traveling (and I benefit from the fact that both sides of my family reside in the Seattle Metro-ish area) but there will be awkwardness to deal with, and that doesn’t sound like much fun. On the flip side, it will be good to see my family since I don’t make it up there often. It’ll be a balancing act. 



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