What would I say?

November 20, 2013 at 5:20 pm (Uncategorized)

That I only meant well? Well of course I would…

Instead of annoying people individually with the WWIS app that has been floating around (and that I finally started playing with) I am instead just going to post some of my favorites here.

Here’s to switch back to the reckless excess of real unless they deal with things like the Guantanamo of hot beverages.


Just very zen, is all.


Happiness never decreases by making phone calls to her son. Yes, the Ravens won the Super catchy, everyone made it


Blackbird singing and has lost an equally atrocious tiebreaker no matter if I was yelling spontaneously. Can’t help elect candidates who seem upset LSU. Thanks, Jordan


Yes, the Ravens won the #SCOTUS ruling, which is election day.


Stop by and get that #2 seed and pancakes.


Eli, never go with just one.


Bro, you are just go haha.


Stop by if you’d imagine that you can


Oh I like my DVR and I’m leaving, on odd numbered days since each hypothesis, while equally paradoxical, neatly avoided the paradoxes of the Constitution.


Today I’m thinking about making a pizza from a single candle, and the greater metropolitan Portland area


Goddamnit I believe you’re thinking about pesticides and hang with it.” ― Langston Hughes


We, the People, recognize that we just don’t want to feel my face.


Dear Vandal Football and musical theatre.


Otherwise I would have to pretend that Jesus was so GOOD.


This is the lowly #3 seed he commanded us


Cats must find sheet music.


Yeah Avery and I enjoy the day


Ted Kennedy, rolling in exclusively ground floor apartments.


Ted Kennedy, rolling in the aforementioned rain.


I look so afraid of something, loves something


Austin and Kristin Glaeser, J Jacob Marsh with skunkacopters and even Domingo when you ever heard any banjos so far more love abounding out there


Send some salvation, or a sandwich.


Empty apartment, nothing to do tonight, think we’ll get there


Allnighter with Avery and I think it’s legally binding, but there’s a rainbow..


Come on Facebook, thus allowing them access to an unhealthy dependency.


We got a masters in being delicious


To this day, one of love and loving life.


Many of them DO sound like me! Which isn’t surprising, since it’s just a bunch of mashups of my old statuses, but I had fun. Spent like 20 minutes looking through them. I can dig it.


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