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Yellow. I’m thinking about Yellow this morning. Let us list the reasons why:

  • Yellow is what happens after red, when red starts to die. It’s the day after Valentines Day and all of that is fading away, which gives the day a sort of yellowish feeling.
  • The song “Yellow” by Coldplay is a song I have always associated with being in love. In general I don’t have strong feelings about Coldplay one way or the other (I like them well enough but don’t seek it out) but I absolutely love that song. I was about to write that I couldn’t tell you exactly why I associate it with love, but that would be a lie. I had forgotten, but it’s coming back to me now. Late in the spring of my Junior year of high school I spent a brief amount of time hanging out with this girl who I was friends with, we would go for walks around round lake and talk and have a generally very pleasant time. One day it came on the radio or shuffle or something after one of those walks and it was perfection. The song fit her and the way I was feeling perfectly. We never did more than hold hands, and she left for the summer. It was so brief that I rarely think of it, but it was a really nice human connection for a bit of time. You’ve got to cherish real moments like that, and for me that song is a crystallized version of those few weeks. 
  • I’ve been on a bluegrass kick lately (thanks to my roommate) and there is this “Pickin’ On” series which is essentially bluegrass covers of ALL the things and it’s awesome. There is a cover of Yellow that is SO GOOD. So good. For all the reasons listed above and because sometimes instrumental music conveys the cosmic aspect of music that voices don’t. 
  • My roommate’s bananas are starting to go a little bad, but I think he’s planning on making banana bread so it’s cool. They are getting less yellow.


Do you ever feel like maybe you miss moments? I had an experience like that yesterday. I decided to grab a couple of (cheap) bottles of wine from New Seasons on my way home (it’s like three blocks from my house, which is wonderful/terrible) because wine just felt more correct on Valentines day and just so I had some in the house. I picked them out, and then went up to the express register. The cashier was really cute. We did that thing where you lock eyes for a couple seconds and everything slows down a little (I assume this happens to other people, yeah?) but then someone else showed up behind me and she rang me up and I didn’t say anything like “hey what are you doing after work” or “I really need some help with these” because I’m not usually in the right head space for being bold like that. There’s also the fear that maybe you’re kind of crazy and what you felt in that moment might not be really what happened, and I also hate to bother people at work if they’re not into it. So i definitely did NOT seize that opportunity, but perhaps next time. I mean, I need a new loaf of bread, so I’ll probably be back in there today. We’ll see. You can’t force these things. I probably should be more proactive, though. 


In any case, happy post-Valentines Day, and I love you all dear friends (and anyone else who happens to see this).


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