Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

June 30, 2014 at 10:13 pm (Uncategorized)

It’s a very good book. 

The real writing begins in earnest tomorrow morning, but I have this excerpt from a blog post I didn’t like and neglected to put up from a couple months ago while I was reading it. I think it belongs here as well as it does any other place:

Sometimes I read a particularly poignant passage in one of these books, and I find myself laughing and crying all at once…I see things as they are and not as I want them to be. A feeling of being right here with the world comes over me, and I wish I could stay this way forever. For better or worse you have to let those feelings pass, though, focus on making yourself see the world that way instead of letting a book do it for you.

I wonder sometimes if this is how Christians feel when they read the bible. When I was dating Chelsey in high school, she asked me to just read the bible and the book of mormon, that when I did I would FEEL the truth in the words on the page. I have read the Bible (the new testament twice!), and I have struggled through parts of the book of Mormon, though not all of it, and I never felt that way except maybe a tinge during the parables or the sermon on the mount. I wonder if perhaps my truth is not their truth. If someone happens to get their enlightenment from that source and it feels like I feel when I read about our interconnectedness then who am I to judge? True spiritual moments are only measurable by the people experiencing them. You know it when you feel it, at least I do. The world opens up and for a bit I understand. It all makes sense. It’s a great feeling. It’s how you’re supposed to feel, I think. Our egos just get in the way. We forget, because forgetting is easy. The world makes it easy. We search for temporary satisfaction when lasting truth is open to us. Pirsig writes about truth knocking on the door, only for us to say “go away, I’m searching for the truth.” We have to open our eyes and hearts; take off the blinders.

In any case, I still agree with that bit. Still searching!


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