Take Care

July 8, 2014 at 11:12 pm (Uncategorized)

For the most part, I’ve been eating incredibly (for me) healthily. Case in point: breakfast was oatmeal, lunch was cherries, salad, and some almonds (which I also used as a snack during the day). I was all set to have a turkey & avocado sandwich for dinner, but then my avocados weren’t quite ripe. My roommate suggested pizza, and it was so hot in the kitchen that cooking sounded awful.

That’s how I found myself with a mouthful of pizza roughly 35 minutes later. It was delicious. Also I imagine that I’ll be eating pizza for lunch (along with a salad!) the next day or two. It’s been an adjustment, but hopefully with time it’ll become second nature to eat less and eat better. What I’ve been trying to remind myself is that getting more fit or losing a bit of weight isn’t going to make me happier in and of itself – it’s about being a more authentic self, and about respecting myself enough to make smart choices. I have to be happy with who I am as an entire person, or nothing else really matters.

In semi-related news, I’m going to be running the Portland Marathon this year. I wasn’t really planning on it, but when your grandmother asks you if you’ll do a marathon with her (that she’s only doing to prep for ANOTHER marathon) you don’t say no. I think we’ll probably run it together, so I am fairly confident the pace will be manageable for me. It’s also good timing with me running another half at the beginning of September.

Next step: learning to run in the heat.

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